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Behind the scenes

Capturing Raw Beauty: Behind the Scenes of Our Beach Shoot on the Antrim Coast

A secluded cove of pristine sand, turquoise water, dramatic rock formations, and the rugged charm of the Antrim Coast – these were the ingredients that set the stage for an unforgettable beachwear photoshoot. Join us as we take you behind the scenes of our adventure to create a collection that marries fashion with the breathtaking beauty of nature. We were in search of the perfect blend of natural beauty and a touch of wildness – a canvas that could amplify our beachwear collection.

Collette, our photographer, and Dani, our art director, had the inside track on a special location tucked away on the edge of the Antrim coast. A secluded beach framed by towering basalt columns and lapping waves. It was a magical location.

Team Synergy: Crafting Magic Together

Behind our fabulous shoot was a team that worked seamlessly together. Our makeup artist, Aisling, fine-tuned the beachy looks. Collette photographed the perfect moments and angles. Dani directed the shoot and lent her personal jewelry collection! Laura captured beautiful video moments. Terezita and Ruta brought vibrancy, style, and a touch of magic to each image. Our collective energy was focused on bringing the vision to life.

Makeup, hair, and wardrobe were all done on-site, with our models Terezita and Ruta wearing everything effortlessly. Collette was adept at creating the scene and connecting with the models to produce beautiful imagery. Everything felt relaxed and enjoyable, a testament to the phrase 'when you do what you love, it doesn't feel like work.'

Closing the Curtain: A Day to Remember

As the sun began its descent, our shoot was coming to an end. It was wonderful to see my first collection take shape – a milestone of excitement and pride, witnessing my ideas come to life, and watching the garments perform as intended.

With sand in our toes and the sound of waves in our ears, we packed up our gear, leaving behind lovely memories captured in the images. Then onto a little bubbly to celebrate! I hope you enjoy the collection as much I have enjoyed creating it.

Thank you to a great team

Collette – Photographer

Dani – Art Director

Terezita and Ruta – Models

Aisling - Makeup

Laura - Videographer

Dive into Sustainability: Unveiling the SEAQUAL Fabric for Our Beachwear Collection

In a world where fashion and environmental responsibility are increasingly intertwined, the fashion industry is setting sail towards a more sustainable horizon. One such innovation that has been making waves is the SEAQUAL fabric, a revolutionary material that is leaving its mark on a commitment to cleaner oceans. We are delighted to be partnered with SEAQUAL, using this fabric in our collection.

The Importance of Sustainable Fabrics in HOFU

Sustainable fabrics were an intergral part when creating the HOFU brand. I wanted a fabric that could perform, by being quick-drying with minimal creasing, while also being progressive in making a difference in our environment.

What is SEAQUAL Fabric?

SEAQUAL is not just a fabric; it's a movement. It's a conscious effort to combat marine pollution and plastic waste by transforming marine litter into high-quality textiles. Derived from a unique process involving the collection, sorting, and upcycling of plastic waste from the ocean, SEAQUAL breathes new life into discarded materials. Bottles, fishing nets, and other plastics that pollute our seas are collected, cleaned, and transformed into a regenerated polyester yarn that forms the foundation of SEAQUAL fabric.

Ocean-Inspired Designs

For our print design, we drew inspiration from marine life, incorporating hues that mirror the azure waters. Additionally, we found inspiration in butterflies for their beauty, colours, and metamorphosis, representing new beginnings for us. Each piece tells a story of conservation and respect for our oceans, and we hope this resonates with you too.

Supporting Ocean Conservation

By creating our resort wear collection using SEAQUAL, we are proud to contribute to ocean conservation. With each purchase, you not only acquire a bespoke print piece but also actively participate in the fight against pollution.

When it comes to beachwear, it's not just about style – it's about capturing the essence of the seaside, the spirit of adventure, and the allure of the sun and sand, which embodies the HOFU brand.

Our capsule collection is a tribute to coastal living, and at the heart of it lies something special – unique fabric prints that transform ordinary garments into beautiful pieces.

The print designer behind this collection was Ingrid Nolan, a Dublin based Illustrator. I was drawn to Ingrid's work and loved her detailed Illustrations, so asked her to come on board to design our prints.

Each print was born from a vision, a collaboration of ideas and creativity, where we mulled over every detail, selected drawings, and layered them with vibrant colours to bring these prints to life.

We want our fabric prints to transport you to distant tropical paradises, and exotic oceans, even if you're just lounging at your local beach.

Our beachwear collection isn't just about clothing; it's about capturing the magic of the beach, the allure of the ocean, and the beauty of coastal living. Our fabric prints have a story behind them, a connection to our brand.

The brief for this range was simple, comfortable wearable designs with eye catching, vibrant and interesting prints, that connect to the ocean and nature.  I hope you feel that we’ve achieved this.

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