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In Japanese, the word Hofu means ‘abundant’ and at the heart of House of Hofu is a love of, and a commitment to, living a life of abundance and joy. House of Hofu was founded in response to a changing world and a shift in the zeitgeist as individuals refuse to be limited by traditional societal structures.

A new-found freedom from the mundanity of 9-5, an independence from designated work spaces, and an emancipation from the dress codes that go with them, has inspired Hofu’s collection of unique kaftans and gender-inclusive fragrances.

House of Hofu founder Ann-Marie Woods has combined a wealth of experience in the fashion industry with her love of travel to create a brand she feels is necessary to reflect a new way of living.

A graduate of the Grafton Academy in Dublin, Ann-Marie has worked across all aspects of the fashion industry both in Ireland and abroad since graduating more than 20 years ago. She has worked in costume, as a buyer, a fashion journalist, a personal stylist, and as a fashion design tutor. Her career has been as rich and varied as her travels, which have taken her across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the US, Canada and Europe.

As a trained designer, Ann-Marie understands the nuances of fabric and fit; as a personal stylist, she has a unique insight into the way people want clothes to make them feel; and as a seasoned traveller, she has firsthand experience of how clothes should perform in different climates and environments. Ann-Marie is also an experienced interiors stylist, so she has designed each of the House of Hofu fragrance bottles as beautiful objects in and of themselves. Everything Ann-Marie designs and curates is considered from both a fashion and lifestyle perspective.

Now married and a mother of two, Ann-Marie has channelled her varied and widespread experience into a project that excites her creatively, fills a newly opened gap in the market, and facilitates family life. Ann-Marie lives by the sea in Greystones and makes the most of this coastal location by swimming and walking at the beach. She is a passionate advocate of dance for its physical and mental health benefits, and attends a local dance group, which has become a wonderful source of new friendships.

Ann-Marie brings an enthusiasm and energy to everything she does, and it is this vitality and spirit that is at the heart of the House of Hofu brand.

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