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March 26, 2023

Dive into Sustainability: Unveiling the SEAQUAL Fabric for Our Beachwear Collection

In a world where fashion and environmental responsibility are increasingly intertwined, the fashion industry is setting sail towards a more sustainable horizon. One such innovation that has been making waves is the SEAQUAL fabric, a revolutionary material that is leaving its mark on a commitment to cleaner oceans. We are delighted to be partnered with SEAQUAL, using this fabric in our collection.

The Importance of Sustainable Fabrics in HOFU

Sustainable fabrics were an intergral part when creating the HOFU brand. I wanted a fabric that could perform, by being quick-drying with minimal creasing, while also being progressive in making a difference in our environment.

What is SEAQUAL Fabric?

SEAQUAL is not just a fabric; it's a movement. It's a conscious effort to combat marine pollution and plastic waste by transforming marine litter into high-quality textiles. Derived from a unique process involving the collection, sorting, and upcycling of plastic waste from the ocean, SEAQUAL breathes new life into discarded materials. Bottles, fishing nets, and other plastics that pollute our seas are collected, cleaned, and transformed into a regenerated polyester yarn that forms the foundation of SEAQUAL fabric.

Ocean-Inspired Designs

For our print design, we drew inspiration from marine life, incorporating hues that mirror the azure waters. Additionally, we found inspiration in butterflies for their beauty, colours, and metamorphosis, representing new beginnings for us. Each piece tells a story of conservation and respect for our oceans, and we hope this resonates with you too.

Supporting Ocean Conservation

By creating our resort wear collection using SEAQUAL, we are proud to contribute to ocean conservation. With each purchase, you not only acquire a bespoke print piece but also actively participate in the fight against pollution.

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